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Purchasing a vehicle online has never been easier through our digital retailing tool that helps you structure your deal online. At West Side Acura, we have perfected the process of acquiring your next vehicle online without having to leave the comfort of your home. The entire process is extremely simple; we will correspond with you either through email, phone, or text. You will be able to complete documentation digitally and structure your deal through our various online tools. Once all the steps are complete, a team member at West Side Acura will contact you to verify all pertinent information. Your new vehicle will then be brought to your front door by our no-contact process following all safety procedures. It's that simple!

Step 1: Find that Perfect Vehicle

With so many great models to choose from, this seems to be the easiest step. Please browse through our extensive inventory and find a vehicle that meets your needs and lifestyle. Once you've found that perfect vehicle learn more about it by clicking on its name and reveal its information page.

Find that perfect vehicle

Step 2: Build and Price your Acura

Take the time to decide whether you would like to make a cash purchase, finance or lease for your vehicle. You are able to select the term, frequency of payments, down payment amount, and so much more. Get an accurate idea of your monthly payment amount and move on to the next step. Isn't this easy?

Build and price your Acura

Step 3: Value your Trade-In Online

If you are hoping to trade up by trading in your current vehicle, not to worry. Our online trade-in evaluator will calculate an accurate value, and all you have to do is input the desired information about your vehicle. The amount calculated can be used as a deposit for your new Acura

Step 4: Review the Deal

You will notice that your monthly payment will change as you enter the information in the build and price fields. By clicking the "+" beside "Payment Summary," a complete breakdown of your deal will help you better understand all the numbers. You're almost there!

Step 5: Apply for financing online

Simply click on our online "Financial Application" button and provide us with the information required. We have also given you the opportunity to book an appointment with one of our financial specialists if you have any specific questions. After reviewing all your information for accuracy, hit "Submit Application" and remember to write down the reference number.

What a breeze!

After these 5 simple steps are complete, a member of our team will reach out to you to verify all your information. The purchase process will start shortly after that and should take only a couple of days to complete. Congratulations, you just purchased your new vehicle online!

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