Tips on Improving Your Acura MDX’s Gas Mileage

Tips on Improving Your Acura MDX’s Gas Mileage


As the preeminent purveyor of all things Acura in the Edmonton, Alberta area, we know a thing or two about optimizing fuel efficiency. If you drive an Acura MDX, we’ve provided a few valuable tips on how to both improve your luxury SUV’s gas mileage and enjoy it to the fullest. Feel free to contact us at West Side Acura for more information on the Acura MDX and how you can enhance your driving experience.

How to Optimize Your Acura MDX’s Fuel Efficiency?

Use Your Air Conditioning Only When Necessary

The MDX yields a class-competitive combined gas mileage of 11.2 L/100km, and you can optimize it by using its air conditioning only when you need to. Since the luxury SUV’s climate control system draws power from the 3.5-litre V6 engine, its hardware can only provide said power by burning more fuel.

Keep Best Driving Practices in Mind

We understand the temptation to put your MDX’s 290 horsepower to work, but you’ll be able to do so for a lot longer by tightening up your driving habits. This means obeying the speed limit and avoiding both sudden starts and stops and unnecessarily revving your engine. We also recommend planning your daily errands efficiently, using your GPS for the quickest route to your destination, and keeping rush-hour commutes to a minimum if possible.

Rid Your MDX Any Unnecessary Weight

Simply put, if you don’t need it, remove it. Hauling cargo in your MDX’s rear and on its roof requires its engine to work harder to transport the increased weight. The harder your engine works, the quicker it burns fuel, and the more you’ll spend on it. In other words, if you aren’t going to use it, lose it.

Stay on Top of Maintenance and Oil Changes

Another surefire way to keep your Acura SUV from working harder than need be is by sticking to your maintenance schedule. Regular oil changes ensure that your motor is running as it should, while maintenance and tune-ups prevent other deficiencies in your vehicle that your engine would have to compensate for. Both your owner’s manual and the staff at our service centre can fill you in on how often to get your MDX’s oil changed.

If you’d like to know more about the Acura MDX or any other model in our new inventory, get in touch with West Side Acura today.

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