Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspection in Edmonton, Alberta

A vehicle inspection is a great way to determine the overall condition of a car. If you're considering purchasing a used vehicle from a private party or an auto dealer, or thinking about selling your car, or maybe you've just had your personal vehicle for a while and you're curious as to how it's faring, then a vehicle inspection is the right move.

The auto service center at our Edmonton Acura dealership employs expert technicians-highly trained with the skills and the knowledge to look your vehicle over and give you a comprehensive report on what sort of condition it's in. And despite the name, we're not only an Acura vehicle inspection center, we inspect all makes and models. Call us and book an appointment today to receive a thorough and all-inclusive overview of the vehicle, letting you know what systems are in dire need of attention, along with general recommendations for repair and maintenance.

What We Look At

We employ technicians with the highest quality training, who have extensive knowledge and experience in their field. We use the utmost care and attention to detail when performing your vehicle inspection, making sure to leave no part unexamined and no stone unturned. Rest easy knowing you'll be getting the full benefit of our expert eyes and combined years of training and accumulated skill, without any rushing to get your vehicle done. Here is a partial list of the parts of your vehicle that we inspect:

  • Tires: We inspect both the alignment of your tires and the condition of the tires themselves, examining tread depth and looking for any cracks in the rubber, leaks, punctures, and wear on the sidewalls.
  • Frame: As the foundation your car sits on, the frame is highly important. We'll examine it for any rust, fractures, damage sustained in a crash, or bending.
  • Suspension: Inspecting your suspension for any loss of tension or general wear and tear means you'll continue riding smoothly on the road.
  • Glass: Our inspection will determine if your glass has any chips, cracks, or unseen fissures or fractures, keeping you safe.
  • Lights: Every bulb in the vehicle, inside and out will be inspected and tested to make sure they're free of damage and still lighting properly. Brake lights and headlights are critical safety components for your vehicle, and we'll do the job right.
  • Brakes: With worn or faulty brakes, your car becomes a liability. Our brake inspection will determine the conditions of your brake lines, pads, and rotors to see how much life they have left in them.
  • Radiator: We'll make sure your radiator is still functioning properly, and is free of leaks or pressure losses that prevent it from pumping coolant through your engine.
  • Hoses: All hoses and their connections will be checked to make sure the rubber is free of cracks, punctures, or fissures, and that they have tight, complete seals with no loss of pressure.
  • Belts: Belts are subject to wear and tear every second the engine is in operation. We'll examine them for signs of degradation, cracking, or other damage.
  • Fluids: Your vehicle can't run without the proper fluids. We'll check the condition of the brake, transmission, steering and oil, as well as the levels in the reservoirs, to determine if you need replacement or a top-up, as well as checking for any leaks or other fluid loss.

To schedule your vehicle inspection, call West Side Acura at (780) 628-5735 today.