What is a Demo?

Demo Vehicles By Our Edmonton Acura Dealership

Acura prides itself on creating vehicle that are sophisticated, that are intelligent. With this pride comes a type of exclusivity. An exclusivity that Acura fans adore. But while this is something that drives the Acura brand, it limits the accessibility, price-wise, on Acura vehicles. If only there was a way to acquire Acura class without exceeding your monetary realms.

Thankfully there is. And that option is purchasing a demo.

Here are the top things that make buying a demo a smart idea. But first:

What is a demo?

Demos are new vehicles that are driven for a short period of time by sales people and managers. They are driven for a maximum 8,000 kilometers, after which the vehicles are put up as Demos buys.

Why buy a demo?

The price - Given that demos are driven for a maximum of 8k, which is not a lot of wheel time on a vehicle. That time framed is used to break the vehicle in. When the time comes when you're ready to settle in behind the wheel of your demo, it's going to be a perfect fit.

Warranty on a demo?

You're in luck. The way warranty works with Demo vehicles is that your warranty starts when you roll out of the lot, regardless of the kilometers clocked. That means that if you have a 5-year warranty, despite the car having been driven previously, you still get that full five years.

What bonuses does buying a demo offer?

To start, Demo vehicles are driven with care by our knowledgeable sales people and managers. They're entire jobs revolve around knowing each vehicle inside and out, so you know they treat them right. It is also in the salesperson's best interest to drive a vehicle that comes with all new and innovative technology that Acura has to offer. Which means you often find yourself getting vehicles with remote starters, a must have for those freezing Edmonton winters, as well as other vehicle packages you don't normally find, offered up as throw-ins.

Come on in, and check out the fantastic deals we have to offer.

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