What is Acuralink?

Acuralink Technology - Acura RLX, and Acura MDX come equippe

Acuralink Technology
Acura RLX, and Acura MDX come equipped

Acura has once again outdone themselves with new technology featured exclusively in the 2017 Acura RLX and 2017 Acura MDX. This brilliant arrangement of practicality and convenience, branded with the nomer AcuraLink, further proves why Acura is one of the most underrated new vehicle manufacturers in North America.

Setting themselves apart from the likes of Lexus and Infiniti is a feat that not many are capable of but we are confident that the cloud based AcuraLink will do just that. By using technology built in to the vehicle or connecting to your smartphone this next generation network will make waves. Working on a system developed as Aha™ by Harmon the Acura RLX and Acura MDX make it possible to update Facebook, find new restaurants using YellowPages, and anything else you need all from the comfort of your vehicle.

With an available AcuraLink Stream app on the App store and Google Play it is quick and easy to pair any smartphone you may have and unlock the full potential of available streams. In both the Acura RLX and Acura MDX users have access to hundreds of music options, news, and other services. With this new app controlled using the touch screen display or built in buttons on the steering wheel the driver not only has access to an infinite amount of streaming services; but a highly functional navigation system as well.

Quite possibly our favorite feature on the brand new AcuraLink technology is the constantly updated live data and search results. The onboard navigation system continually refreshes to provide precise traffic updates and make sure that you get wherever you need to be in the shortest amount of time possible. No more guessing about how to avoid construction, all the latest accident reports are displayed in front of your eyes with turn by turn instructions. On top of this, both the Acura RLX and Acura MDX utilize a wireless transmitter built in to the vehicle which links up to the same cloud available on your smartphone or any other device.

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AcuraLink technology constant updates

By dedicating a service to share information from your vehicle, as well as any practically any digital device, Acura has made your life that much easier.

For example, if you are planning a trip using spare time at the office then simply pull out your smartphone, tablet, or any desktop with an internet access and you're ready to start. Search up routes using the AcuraLink navigation and from there you are able to send these same routes to the vehicle so you always have up to the minute traffic data and turn by turn directions for your journey.

As mentioned the functional app is not only available to smartphones, but on practically any tablet or desktop as well. By downloading it, and having an internet connection you will have 24/7 access to your new Acura RLX or MDX. This allows you to check on your vehicle to make sure your doors are locked from anywhere as well as other important statistics such as tire pressure, battery, fuel, oil pressure, etc.

The time is right to go test drive one

This app will also link the system to what is known as Maintenance Minder inside the vehicle to track all routine service and repairs, and send alerts to your phone when any new information is detected. Get the most out of your new Acura by letting it do all the work for you. In this technological day and age you do not even have to call your dealership to book an appointment, simply use the app to make scheduling service that much more convenient.

After purchasing your new Acura RLX or MDX you will start to wish everything was this easy. For one full year AcuraLink provides you with a Concierge Service to fully tailor to your luxurious needs. A 24/7 AcuraLink representative is made available for you to contact with any personal or business needs. Call them to book a tee time, respond on your behalf to emails, virtually anything short of personally picking up your dry cleaning. After finishing up your instructions they will send any relevant information back to your internal vehicle system or smartphone.

If by now the AcuraLink system seems too good to be true, don't worry, it's not. With three available packages, Standard, Connect, and Premium, you are able to subscribe to any service based on your individual needs. We imagine that after a full year with your complimentary butler that many will opt for the services made available only in the full Premium package.

If you are worried that the Acura RLX and MDX are only known for this new technology then why not find out today. You will not be disappointed with the high luxury experience provided in both the Acura RLX and MDX. This experience combined with the forward thinking frame of mind that we have seen is going to elevate this manufacturer in the years to come. With excellent ride qualities, quiet and refined interiors, and responsive steering the time is right to go test drive one at your local Acura dealer today.