Winter Tires For Your Acura In Edmonton, AB

Winter Tires For Your Acura In Edmonton, AB

Every year around this time, amidst excited autumn anticipation and the slow trickling in of holiday jingles, we begin to hear whisperings of the latest technology available to get you through the blustery months ahead. Whisperings that become shouts, which in turn become full-on bombardments. So what is new for the winter season? Nuts are finding their way into the limelight, with the help of Toyo's newest intuitive breakthrough. Their new winter tires are "driven to perform", and designed to keep you on the road.

Taking a step towards environmental consciousness, Toyo has begun incorporating renewable resources into the composition of their winter tires. Purified, crushed walnut shells, while being environmentally sustainable also bite into ice, giving you the traction benefits of studs without any detrimental road wear. So, why walnuts? The real question is why not. When we have access to one of the hardest natural substances on earth, one that is usually discarded as waste, why not find an alternative, productive use for it?

On top of environmentally-friendly walnut shell "studs", Toyo winter tires also have bamboo carbon thrown into the mix. Bamboo, on top of being a renewable resource that grows like a weed, makes for a porous compound that does wonders for absorbing and dispersing water on slippery road surfaces.

Beyond composition, Toyo's tires are also designed to overcome the worst that Mother Nature has to throw at you. Multi-wave sipes embedded within an aggressive tread block design featuring deep-set grooves with saw-tooth edges chew through dense snow, giving you the traction to climb mountains.

It's a point of debate that arises amongst drivers year after year. I have all-season tires, why do I need to switch them for winters? The fact is that all-season tires are rated for both mud and snow, they are not necessarily the best choice for the harsh winters that we tend to experience here in Alberta, and there are definite added benefits to not driving on them year-round.

Why Winters?
As Albertans, we've become accustomed to snow, sleet and raging winter storms. It only makes sense that our vehicles should be properly outfitted for the transition from crisp autumn afternoons to chilly winter evenings as well. While all-season tires are well-performing year-round in certain climates, they are not by any means an all-encompassing solution to our prairie weather woes. All-season or summer tires just don't have the same cold-weather specific silica compounds that winter tires do to keep them from freezing. Winter tires are also designed with channelling tread patterns and an open tread block configuration to keep you from losing traction after a fresh snow fall. A larger number of tread sipes (tiny slits in the tread blocks) than all-season tires also gives them more grip on wet surfaces.

There is a financial advantage to investing in winter tires as well. With our long winters, we can easily say that half of the year is spent in cold weather. Taking six months of wear off of your summer or all-season tires means you'll be replacing them half as often. That's money that stays in your pocket, or that you can use to pay for your next Mexican vacation when you absolutely can't take the cold weather any longer!

When should I install my Winter tires?
Patio umbrellas have begun to disappear all over Edmonton, hot summer afternoons have gone into hibernation in favor of crisper weather and shorter days. And it's time to start thinking about installing your winter tires - you can try to put it off, but slushy, slippery roads don't wait for anybody. According to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, seven degrees Celsius is the magic number. That's the crossover point where winter tires begin to outperform all-seasons, even on dry pavement when the snow hasn't begun to fall yet. This is because of the more supple nature of winter tires, which respond better to cold temperatures than the harder compounds of all-season tires.

Whether you want to learn more about Toyo's new addition to their line-up, or you want to explore other winter tire options, our team of experts is more than happy to give you a helping hand, stop by today and let us get you ready to face the season!

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